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indoor studi eaton golf clubExplanar Golf lessons are now availiable at Eaton (Chester) Golf Club with England County Academy Coach Bill Tye. The Explanar is also availiable for hire as part of your practice session. Ingrain good habits every time you practice not bad ones!

This is without doubt the best training aid in the world.
The Explanar Golf System gives instant feedback to the beginner and advanced player alike by promoting the optimum swing plane. It trains you motor skills and with regular practice you body will remember the motion without thinking making your golf swing instinctive, just like you dont think when you change gear in a car. It becomes second nature.

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The Explanar Swing

The Explanar Golf Training aid is a new addition to the range. Luther Blacklock of Woburn Golf Club invented this wonderfull machine. After seeing it in action it became clear this device is one we can't do without.

The machine makes you swing the club on your optimum plane, which gives you your most powerful golf shot.

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